Authors Network

  • Connect with other authors

  • Help create author-related content on your own platform       

  • Visit other authors' sites and be a part of their audience

  • Provide links to others authors' work and take the time to write good reviews for the books that you enjoy  

  • Build your base by helping other authors build theirs 

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"I wish you every success with your site. Best wishes."


                     Nick Pope

                     Ancient Aliens TV                                      Personality and Author 

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Our Purpose

     The purpose of this network is to provide an audience for other authors by posting to their blogs, author sites, and social media pages.

     Additionally, this site and the connections made thereafter, will provide an introduction to other authors, new stories and writing, and lots of author-related content. In other words, we're helping each other out.

     New authors can feel uncomfortable making posts before they've established a reader audience. So we will be their audience, and they will be ours! Be a part of our community! 


Q-Does this cost anything?

A-Nope. Just the time you are willing to share with other authors.

Q-Can I invite other authors I know to join the group?

A-That would be terrific.

Q-What genres are welcome here?

A- All genres, however, let's be professional and treat each other with respect. Those who are disrespectful or

rude will be removed from the site.

Q-How do I Join?

A-Go to the Join page and send me an email with:

  • Your full name and/or pen name 

  • your author site address

  • The genres you write within

  • Your intended audience(s)

  • A description of your writing


Join Here:

If you'd like to join our group,

send an email to

Please include the following:

  • Your full name and/or pen name 

  • A photo of yourself 

  • Your author site address (or social media address)

  • The genres you write within