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Amber Herbert...Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Stories, & YA Fiction    


Celia Eaves...Horror & Humor stories. Absurd and the frightening

Christine E. DiNovis...Supernatural/Folklore/Fantasy/Young Adult


 Dr. Michelle White...Contemporary Fiction, Educational Articles

D. Wilk...Contemporary Fiction, Romantic Suspense & Erotica


Gabino  Iglesias...Contemporary Fiction, Literary Articles & Reviews

Jannine Gallant...Suspense, Contemporary & Historical Fiction

Jon Pickering...Horror, Speculative Fiction, Short Stories

JT Thomas...Horror/Supernatural Thriller/Suspense  

Kylan Mogg...Fantasy/Childrens/Young Adult/Magical Realism

Laura DiNovis Berry...Poetry, Short Stories, Literary Reviews

Maria Giddings...Speculative, Historical and Existential Personal Narrative



Rachel A. Brune...Urban Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller/Short Stories

Renata Koza...Contemporary Fiction, Short Stories

Sarah Ockershausen Delp…Science Fiction, Reviews, Essays, & Poems













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     AUTHOR                  GENRE

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